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What is the Aurantiaco?

The Aurantiaco is an undergraduate academic journal that publishes written work in the humanities and social sciences.

What are the guidelines for written work that the Aurantiaco considers for publication?

We seek to publish high level academic work in the social sciences and humanities. We are happy to work with shorter essays or full thesis papers, although submissions will be edited down to a length of 6-10 pages, double-spaced.

What subject areas does the Aurantiaco publish?

The Aurantiaco publishes pieces in the social sciences and humanities. This includes the following fields: economics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, fine arts, architecture, literature, history, geography, philosophy, religion, political science, and political theory.

More FAQs

  • Who can submit?

Any undergraduate student at Clemson University is elgible to submit. If you have already graduated, you can still submit as long as the piece was written while still an undergraduate.

  • Who leads the Aurantiaco?

The Aurantiaco is run by students who desire to cultivate a place for the humanities on Clemson's campus. We have an editing team of 10-12 editors that are led by our Editor-in-Chief and Submissions Editor.

  • How can I become an editor for the Aurantiaco?

If you would like to receive information about our interest meeting for future editors, send us an email! We will be sure to let you know about that meeting once it is scheduled.

  • What events does the Aurantiaco host throughout the year?

Every spring, we celebrate the publication of our newest edition with a reception in mid-April. We also host an interest meeting in the spring for students who are interested in writing or editing for the upcoming school year.

  • How should I submit a piece for publication?

Written work may be submitted through the form on our website or Instagram @theaurantiaco. Writing may also be emailed to

  • What is the timeline for publication in the Aurantiaco?

We accept pieces year-round, but the editing process takes place during the months of October through February. As pieces are evaluated and edited during those months, authors will hear a final answer on whether their piece has been selected by the end of March. The complete paper edition will be published in mid-April.

  • What is the editing process?

After a piece has been submitted, an editor from our team will be assigned to the piece. That editor will reach out to the author, and they will collaborate to refine the piece. Once editing is done, the Submissions Editor and Editor-in-Chief will compile the final list of pieces included in the final edition of the journal.

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